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    Looking for something?
    Did you look for something on our website and were unable to find it?  (Phone numbers are below.)  If so, tell us!  We want to know what you searched for, where you searched for it, whether it was the district website or a specific school and how we can help improve our website.  Please email the information to PR@waynesville.k12.mo.us and let us help you.
    Paying for your child's school meals
    Go to https://www.MySchoolBucks.com.  For more information, call  (855) 832-5226




    East Elementary: 573-842-2150                

    Freedom Elementary: 573-842-2100          

    Partridge Elementary: 573-842-2600

    Piney Ridge Center: 573-774-5353     

    Sixth Grade Center: 573-842-2300             

    Thayer Elementary: 573-842-2200              

    Waynesville Career Center: 573-842-2500

    Waynesville High School: 573-842-2400

           WHS Athletic Office: 573-842-2450

           WHS Guidance Office: 573-842-2403

    Waynesville Middle School: 573-842-2550

    Williams Early Childhood: 573-842-2650

    Wood Elementary: 573-842-2625



    Superintendent's Office: 573-842-2097

    Instructional Services (Curriculum)  573-842-2050

    Operational Services (Business) 573-842-2069

    Personnel Services (Human Resources) 573-842-2094

    Communications & Marketing: 573-842-2040

    Community Resource (Volunteering): 573-842-2530

    Data Processing: 573-842-2028

    Food Services: 573-842-2099

    Maintenance: 573-842-2099

    Media Center: 573-842-2052

    Special Services: 573-842-2007

    Transportation (Buses): 573-842-2199