Waynesville R-VI School District Tax Levy Presentation


The Waynesville R-VI School District has developed this informational PowerPoint video summarizing revenue sources for our schools, district expenditures, and district eligibility for B2-Heavily Impacted Aid. This presentation focuses on the revenues received through B2-Heavily Impacted Aid, which averages $8.5 million each school year or roughly 12% of the Waynesville School District’s budget. To receive B2-Heavily Impacted Aid, the district must meet the following criteria:


  • A minimum of 45% of our students must be military impacted.
  • The per pupil expenditure of the district must be less than 125% of the state average.
  • The district must make a reasonable local tax contribution, which is defined as 95% of the average tax rate of 10 comparison school districts in Missouri.


If a district fails to meet any of these requirements, it will not be eligible for B2-Heavily Impacted Aid Funds. Currently, our school district is very close to falling below the 95% local tax contribution level.



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