Impact Aid Form for parents who work on Fort Leonard Wood

Impact Aid FormImpact Aid flyer

Impact Aid is the funding that the Waynesville R-VI School District receives for students in lieu of taxes paid on Fort Leonard Wood.  It is critical that every parent who works on Fort Leonard Wood -- in the military, Department of Defense, and private companies -- completes the Impact Aid Form.  

Parents who work on Fort Leonard Wood will need to know the following to complete the Impact Aid Form:

       - your home address, specifically the house number. (For example, if you live at 123 Main Street, you would enter 123 when prompted for your house number)

       - your child(ren)'s birthday(s), including year

       - your military branch and rank (Ex. Army, 1st Sergeant, if you are in the military)

       - your job title and name of the company you work for (If you are a civilian who works on FLW in any capacity. Ex. Cook, Burger King)

The Federal Government requires either the branch and rank, or an employee's title and company in order for the school district to the receive federal Impact Aid for children of those employed on Fort Leonard Wood.