Partridge 5th graders host reading fair


Fifth graders in Susan Westfall’s class at Partridge Elementary recently hosted their first Reading Fair PBL.  


A reading fair is just like a science fair except instead of doing an experiment, students read a book. Then students make a display about the book they read.  


Students worked long and hard on writing story elements and summaries about their favorite book. They glued the information onto a display board and added pictures and decorations to make their board pop. 


Next, Jeanie Wade, the librarian, and Jennifer Crewse, the reading specialist, read each board and picked out the top three and two honorable mention boards.


Finally, parents were invited in to see all the gorgeous book boards the students had created, have a snack and talk about books.  


Reading fair at Partridge Feb 2108  - 1.jpg

Reading fair at Partridge Feb 2108  - 2.jpg

Reading fair at Partridge Feb 2108  - 3.jpg