Partridge students use yarn to promote diversity

Yarn bombing at Partridge Jan 2018  - 1.jpg

Yarn bombing at Partridge Jan 2018  - 2.jpg

Yarn bombing at Partridge Jan 2018  - 3.jpg


While exploring the relationship between public art and its ability to affect change, Partridge fifth graders started plans for “yarn bombing” to promote diversity. 


Yarn bombing gained popularity during the early 2000’s. In a yarn bomb, public spaces are adorned with knit or crochet as a gentle way to bring attention to a cause.


Fifth graders decided that a school yarn bombing would be the perfect way to call attention to the importance of embracing diversity.  As fifth grader Keenan explained at an assembly, “The many colors and kinds of yarn are a perfect way to represent all of the different people in the world.”


So far, fifth grade students have created posters advertising the yarn bomb and requesting support, introduced the project to the rest of the school, measured and documented the installation site, and have spent many hours, during school as well as at home, knitting, crocheting, and stitching pieces together. Teachers and parents have donated skein after skein of yarn, and younger grades of students are learning to knit and crochet so that they may participate.


Still to come, fifth graders plan to introduce the yarn bomb to community members at the Senior Center and perhaps to local nursing homes. Students hope to be able to conduct the yarn bomb early spring 2018. If you would like to get involved, we are looking for individuals who knit or crochet and are seeking donations of old knit or crochet afghans and yarn of any type. Please contact for more information and follow our progress on Twitter at P-ART-ridge!