Wood celebrates multiculturalism

On April 6 Wood Elementary celebrated diversity and multiculturalism.  Teaching students about embracing one another and the differences of others has been an ongoing focus this year. The students decorated “diversity” flowers and combined their shared family tradition strips to form family tradition craft chains.  

Student work was used to decorate the school for the celebration. For the day of the celebration of multiculturalism, Wood Elementary students were encouraged to dress in cultural-specific clothing of their choice and were given the option to choose from three different cultural-themed lunches. They also participated in a multicultural scavenger hunt that was organized by the counselor, Shawna Brake, with the help of teachers and staff bringing in artifacts from various places around the world.  

“The Multicultural Celebration Day was a success and was a great way to engage the students in learning more about cultures around the world,” said Wood Principal Melanie Mitchell. “The students have continued to express a greater appreciation for different cultures and the diversity found within their school and their community.”


Multicultural night at Wood in April 2018  - 5.jpg


Multicultural night at Wood in April 2018  - 5.jpg   Multicultural night at Wood in April 2018  - 2.jpg


Multicultural night at Wood in April 2018  - 4.jpg