Wood ESL Makes a Difference

 Wood ESL Makes a Difference  

  After reading a book about Roberto Clemente, 5th grade ESL students at Wood Elementary decided that they wanted to make a difference.
    The students in Lindsay Ambrose’s ESL class made a list of ways they could make a difference in their community. They then voted on the class favorite, and “making a donation to Snack-in-a-Pack” won by a unanimous vote.
    Students spent one week researching hunger. They were fascinated by how many people in the United States go hungry every day. Students wrote persuasive letters to Central Vacuum Stores in an effort to receive a donation. One student wrote that having her classmates go to bed hungry was “simply unacceptable.”
    Central Vacuum replied in less than a week. In the envelope was a letter describing how the company thought the class was “a group of superheroes for making a difference” and a check for $600. This money will provide snacks for three Waynesville students for an entire year.
   5th grade ESL students expressed their gratitude to Central Vacuum Stores for teaching them the power of their own voices, says Ambrose.