Pick Up and Dismissal Procedures

Thayer Elementary Arrival and Dismissal Procedures 2021-2022
The Waynesville School District is now utilizing KIDAccount to ensure the utmost safety during dismissal for all of our students.  KIDaccount provides daily, 100% accountability for every student. Using this system will allow us to ensure the safe dismissal of each and every child in our care.  Switching to this system means there will be changes in our dismissal procedures. Each child will have two cards that contain their name and a barcode.  If for some reason you do not have your card or one of your designated emergency contacts is picking up your child, ID will be checked before releasing the child to them. 


  • School doors open at 8:00 AM (Wednesday- 8:35 AM).

  • Breakfast will be served in the cafeteria from 8:00-8:20 (8:35-9:00 on Wednesdays).

  • Parents must drop students off in the circle drive located in front of the playground no earlier than 8:00 AM (Wednesday- 8:35) and students should walk down the sidewalk adjacent to the south side of the building and enter through the front door. 

  • Staff members will be posted in the circle drive and at the crosswalk (approximately from 8:00 am - 8:20 am)

  • No parking is allowed in the circle drive and there is no traffic access to the front of the building from 7:45 to 8:35 except school personnel and school district vehicles.  Parents who wish to accompany their students into the building must park in the parent/visitor parking lot located next to the circle drive near the playground and enter through the front entrance of the building.  

  • Parents will need to say their goodbyes at the front door.

  • Children will be counted absent if they are not in the building prior to 8:30 am.

  • Students who arrive after 8:30 must be checked in to the office by a parent or guardian.

Early Dismissal/Check out
If your student needs to be checked out early, please come to the office to check them out.  

We ask that students have ONE (1) permanent form of transportation to their after school destination. 

If a student’s transportation method will be different from the normal mode of transportation, the parent must send a note or come into the office in person to notify the school of this change.  Without a note, students will be sent home via their normal mode of transportation. Changes must be made prior to 2:00 p.m. on the day of the change.

3:20 pm – First Bell - WALKERS 

  • All walkers will exit through the doors by the Art Room (Doors closest to the crosswalk). 
  • K-2 students with older siblings and 3-5 students will go to the crosswalk or walk in front of the building to access the neighborhood paths. 
  • Students in K-2 without an older sibling will check in with Mrs. Pershing who will make sure they are picked up by a parent at “Walker’s Corner”.

3:23 pm - Second Bell - CAR RIDERS

  • Parents should park in the parent/visitor lot or use the circle drive adjacent to the playground for pick-up. No parking is allowed in the circle drive and there is no traffic access to the front of the building from 3:20 pm to 3:45 pm except school personnel and school district vehicles. 
  • Staff members will scan the Kid Account cards from parents in the circle drive followed by those who have parked and are waiting in the grass.  
  • A staff member will be waiting at the gate to check off each student in Kid Account as having been dismissed to their parent.
  • Once the first five cars have been loaded, the next group will pull forward to be scanned and the process will be repeated.

3:25 pm – Third Bell - BUS RIDERS

  • One of the classroom teachers from each grade level will escort the students who are bus riders down the hall.  They will wait in a line at the hallway junction until the buses are ready to load.
  • Students will exit the building through the front door and board their bus in front of the building. 
  • A designated teacher will check student names off in Kid Account as they get onto the bus.