Chromebook Insurance

Chromebook Insurance

It’s not too late to purchase Chromebook insurance for the 2020-2021 school year. The fee is $20.00 if you pay for full lunch or $10.00 if you pay for free and reduced lunch. Visit to enroll. You must purchase Chromebook insurace for each school year in order to have coverage for damages that could occur. If you are uncertain that your insurance is in effect, please contact the WMDS Instructional Tech at 573-842-2567. Thanks!

Here’s a list of some repair costs you will be billed without insurance if damaged:

Screen: $29.95

Trackpad: $29.95

Charger: $39.99

Chromebook: $181


With insurance:

Deductible Schedule               Free/Reduced  Full Pay

Accidental Damage Claim 1:    $0                     $0

Accidental Damage Claim 2:    $10                   $20

Accidental Damage Claim 3:    $15                   $30

Lost or Stolen Claim:               $50                   $100