10th Grade LEAP Syllabus      



Teacher Information:  

Mrs. Joanna VanBelkum, Room 311

Phone:  573-842-2400 (School)

Available by appointment: 7:30-8:15 and before school.

E-mail:  jvanbelkum@waynesville.k12.mo.us     



Materials for Class: 

  • 1-inch 3-ring binder or folder
  • Highlighters
  • Pencil/pen, colored pencils,
  • Loose-leaf paper and folder for organization


Course Rationale:

LEAP 10 is a 2-semester course that is designed for gifted students who have areas of interest but no time to explore them. Students pursue extended learning projects on personal interest and needs. They establish schedules, develop questions to direct research, and create final non-traditional projects to be displayed and evaluated. They will also create a college and career portfolio. The students will participate in the Personal Finance curriculum and ACT Prep programs as well as regular LEAP curriculum. Students will earn 0.5 credit for Personal Finance.


Course Description:

LEAP 10 is a two-semester class developed for gifted and talented sophomores.  Understanding and managing personal finances is key to one’s future financial success. Students will learn how choices influence occupational options and future earning potential.  Students will apply decision-making skills to evaluate career choices and set personal goals. The course content is designed to help the learner make wise spending, saving, and credit decisions and to make effective use of income to achieve personal financial success. Students will also create a portfolio to begin planning their college and career exploration. 


Classroom Procedures/Homework/Late Work 

  • Turn all work into the wire basket labeled by class period.
  • Turn homework in at the beginning of class.
  • If you were absent, clearly write absent on your assignment and turn it into the basket.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to obtain any notes and/or assignments that they may have missed due to an absence.
  • Check the calendar on the day you were absent for any bellringers and missed work.
  • Pick up the missed work from the black file box located next to/under the calendar.
  • It is your responsibility to pick up your missed work and get it turned in within a timely manner.
  • If and assignment was due on the day you were absent you must turn it in the day you return to class.
  • Students will be allowed one day per day of absence to turn in homework assignments.  
  • SAVE and OSS work is due on the student’s first day back to the classroom.  
  • Tests will be made up on the first day back.  
  • Students should contact the teacher to discuss an exception to the aforementioned policy.


  All assignments must be turned in by the day of the unit test or they will become a zero in the grade book.  Once a student has accumulated three (3) missing assignments a parent will be contacted and made aware of the situation.  In the instance that a student accumulates five (5) missing assignments a parent-teacher-student conference will be requested. 


Technology use- assignments require online usage and research. The students will be allowed to use the school computers whenever possible.  I will follow the Student Handbook for any abuse of computer privileges. Cell phones will but put away at all times unless teacher has said otherwise.


Grading Policies

Each semester grade will be calculated by averaging individual total points by the total points possible.  Students will be graded in a variety of formats to include, but not limited to, the following: Multi-format testing, homework assignments, participation points and other content related activities.

A 90-100%


C 70-79%

D 60-69%

F 59% and below

Cheating and Plagiarism:

Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated. Students who are caught will receive an automatic zero, their parent(s) will be contacted, and student will be referred to the administrators


Academic Assistance:

I encourage all students to seek assistance when needed. Due to my middle school schedule, I will only be available during the mornings.


Please refer to Canvas regularly to monitor student progress.  Grades will be updated at least once per week. It is imperative that your child’s progress be closely monitored, as this will directly lead to their success.  If you are unable or have difficulties accessing Canvas please contact the guidance office for further assistance.



Classroom Behavioral Expectations:  

All published rules in student handbook apply to LEAP.  


~ Keep all physical contact


~ Don’t talk when the teacher is


~ Use business language


~ Be on time to class

~ Attend tutoring if needed

~ Bring all materials to class



~ Listen to compliments

~ Correct dress code issues

~ Read teacher commentary

~ Correct behavior


~ Have a positive attitude

~ Take notes

~ Do your homework

~ Study