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Volunteers wanted for Partners on Patrol

Volunteers wanted for Partners on Patrol


The Waynesville R-VI School District will pilot its Partners on Patrol volunteer program – modeled after the Positive Presence Promotion developed by the national “Dads on Duty” program–in January at Waynesville Middle School.


A Partner on Patrol volunteer will spend at least one hour each week being a positive presence in the hallways at WMS, while assisting with supervising 7th and 8th grade students between classes. Partners on Patrol do not replace principals or school resources officers, but instead deliver big smiles, dispense positive affirmations, and perhaps share a few corny jokes while increasing adult visibility and presence.


“We are not just looking for dads and moms to volunteer, but also for community members to be present in our hallways to help add one more layer of safety and protection for our students,” said Superintendent Hilary Bales. “We want students to know that our entire community is behind them.”


A partner on patrol is an adult community member who:

-       provides a positive influence to help create a safe school environment

-       increases visibility and adult presence

-       provides encouragement while assisting with supervising students



“Having positive role models help promote the growth, well-being, and academic success of our students,” Bales said. “As an added bonus, community members see firsthand some of the great things happening in our schools.”


Volunteers who are interested in becoming a Partner on Patrol should complete the Google Form at


Partners on Patrol volunteers must complete a background check (the form is available for download at Background check forms are also available at schools and at the Administration Building. Once approved, partners on patrol will attend a brief training session and then pick a time to be present for at least one hour each week. 


For more information about the program, please email or call 573-842-2250. 


Volunteers wanted for Partners on Patrol


Issued Jan. 20, 2023