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WHS students to receive $13,200 for AP exam scores

WHS students to receive $13,200 for AP exam scores


Waynesville High School will honor its Advanced Placement (AP) students who received a score of 3 or higher on their AP Exam before the varsity home football game at 6 p.m. Friday, Oct. 14, at Tiger Stadium.


WHS offers 16 AP courses, which allow students the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school. By earning a 3 or higher, students receive a $100 award per each exam score of 3 or more.  In addition, Alexander Rosario Rivera was recognized with the National Hispanic Recognition Award from AP.


Current students and 2022 graduates who have earned at least $100 are invited to participate in the recognition and are listed below. If a 2022 graduate is unable to attend, the parent(s) of the 2022 graduate are invited to step onto the track and be recognized in their child’s place.


Those who are able to attend are asked to RSVP to Sarah Broadaway at


Gates usually open one hour prior to a game; however, due to the AP recognition, gates will open at 5:30 p.m. on Oct. 14, 2022. The cost to enter the stadium is $4 per person without a pass. This is also senior night for WHS football players, cheerleaders and band members. Football players and cheerleaders will be recognized following the AP recognition at approximately 6:15 p.m. Senior band members will be recognized at halftime.


Prior to the AP recognition, Tiger Festival of Nations will begin at 5 p.m. outside the stadium. During this free event, participants will have an opportunity to “travel the world,” sample a variety of food items, and learn about different countries and cultures as they go from table to table. Children will receive passports that may be stamped so they can record their travels.


The students who will be recognized for receiving a 3 or higher on at least one exam are as follows:


Aamna Amjed

Jacob Barnes

Anna Bartosh

Owen Beeson

David Bennett

Joshua Bess

Hyrum Blau

Joseph Blau

Madison Bohrer

Ariana Bowers

Jennifer Boyd

Jeanise Brown

Rose Cherico

Emily Christensen

Maria Cichocki

Brandon Collins

Ariana Copas

Ace Crane

Yarilyz Crespo

Fatima Diallo

Arian Diaz

Kyle Dwyer

Aidan Ellefson

Olivia Evans

Austin Frommelt

Rien Franks

Adam Freed

Isaac Gaono

Kesare Garcia

Mallorie Goodwin

Maxwell Grife

Kinsley Guida

Makayla Gutierrez

Zachery Hale

Tony Harness

Ryan Henderson

Keegan Henson

Sarah Hilburgh

Jordan Hillmann

Ayiana Horstman

Aeowyn Hussey

JaCobi Johnson

Joseph Knell

James Knight

Luke Kriebs

Keri Leon

Amara Lovings

Laniyah Lovings

Ian Madden

Nicholas Madden

Riley Mason

Julian Matras

Jameson Mayrand

Valorie MIller

Rachael Morgan

Blaise Moynihan

Jared Munson

Tyler Newsom

Jordan Nitchman

Ian Noriega

Maximilian Nuckolls

Danielle O'Donnell

Isabella Ortega

Grace Parker

Kaitlyn Parker

Alexis Pearson

Brittany Perez

Patrick Petitt

Cassandra Plummer

Kaitlyn Pool

Phillip Redden

Jason Roberts

Fernando Rodriguez

Ryan Rolshouse

Alexander Rosario

Haven Royal

Caleb Roylance

Gavin Rutsch

Kaleb Salinas

Allison Scobee

Rachel Scobee

Alivia Seibert

Holly Smithey

Connor Sutterley

Kadance Tuttle

Rebecca Vail

Sarah Valentino

Joel Vaughn

Juliann Vega

Lukas Vore

NOah Walters

Ellenor Westphall

Nathan Wilking

Aaron Williams

Dillon Woods

Callie Zarcone