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Pondrom named WHS Student of the Month

Isabella Pondrom, a senior at Waynesville High School, has been named the Waynesville High School Rotary Student of the Month for January and was honored Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2021, at the monthly Rotary Club meeting. She is the daughter of Aaron and Ann Pondrom and was chosen to represent the word resilience. 

One of her nominators said, “Bella is the most resilient person I know. She had knee surgery at the beginning of her sophomore year. She could have just sat back and said I will wait till spring, but she didn’t. She worked, prepared and fought to come back and play (softball) at the end of the season. As her senior year approached, she had another softball injury that required surgery on the same knee. She worked hard and persevered through pain to play her senior year of ball. Her resilience is second to none. Bella is determined to play ball at the next level and her resilience will take her as far as she wants to go.”


January 15, 2021

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