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Growing hearts: Students carry out acts of kindness

Some students at Waynesville High School are helping make the Grinch’s heart grow through their random acts of kindness. For each act of kindness that students in Justine Swan’s class carry out, the grinch’s heart grows. Each student also receives a heart, which will increase in size with each act of kindness they complete. Students may choose from one of several community service projects, which include:

• making and sending Christmas cards to the nursing home

• making sugar scrubs for Genesis House in conjunction with Amy Johnson’s FACs class

• making or donating items for an adopted angel

“I’m thrilled, because most of these ideas came from the students,” Swan said. “They wanted to help others in the community and promote kindness.”

The grinch was hand-drawn by David Harrison, Swan’s brother-in-law, for the project.  


December 11, 2020

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