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Wood Elementary celebrates World Kindness Day

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood at Wood Elementary when Wood Elementary Tigers highlighted World Kindness Day by wearing cardigans and sneakers, remembering the lessons taught by Mr. Rogers and his neighborhood. The Love of Reading Day began with Coach Carey Davison sharing the theme song from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood in the hallways. This was followed by Lori Crabtree, Wood Elementary librarian, reading “You Are My Friend” written by Aimee Reed, to remind staff and students that they are special and unique. October character award winners and staff members joined together wearing masks that spelled out “Kindness Brings Us Together” which was exemplified by all students and staff completing a handwritten Caring Cardigan. These cardigans and their kind words were then shared with a fellow Tiger. Although the day was a celebration of kindness, this message is witnessed every day at Wood Elementary.


November 20, 2020

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