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East and Freedom students to get free Super Snacks

East and Freedom students to get free Super Snacks


East Elementary and Freedom Elementary are piloting the Super Snack program for their students, starting tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 16.


Students at East and Freedom will receive a free super snack before the end of the day during instructional time.  Students will be allowed to take home what they do not finish at school.


“We want parents to be aware, so that they can remove any food that their child may have taken home, especially the milk,” said Freedom Principal Melissa Vernon. 


Funds for super snacks are provided through funds from the Department of Health and Human Services Food and Nutrition Child and Adult Food Care Program. 


“It is a good feeling to know that we are helping meet the nutritional needs of our students during this pandemic,” said East Principal Renee Hays. 


Each super snack includes a fruit, vegetable, grain, protein and dairy serving. A super snack might include yogurt, whole grain snack crackers, apple slices, carrots and a milk.


September 15, 2020