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Alternative graduation plans in the event of inclement weather

Plans announced for graduation in the event of inclement weather


Waynesville High School announces that in the event of inclement weather, three separate graduation ceremonies will be held – Ceremony A at 2 p.m.; Ceremony B at 5 p.m.; and Ceremony C at 8 p.m.  Students and their walking partners have been assigned to a specific ceremony in the event that the ceremony is moved inside. (See the list below.)  Doors will open one hour before each ceremony.


Weather permitting, the one Class of 2020 graduation ceremony will be held at 7:30 p.m. Friday, June 19, 2020, in Tiger Stadium.


The decision about whether the graduation ceremony will be held inside or outside will be made by 11 a.m. Friday, June 19, and then posted on the Waynesville High School website and WHS Facebook page.


Missouri Governor Michael Parson announced on June 11 that the state will fully reopen and enter Phase 2 of its “Show Me Strong Recovery” Plan on Tuesday, June 16, 2020; however, in his COVID-19 briefing issued by the Governor’s Office of Communications, Parson states, “The virus is still out there, and it is extremely important for everyone to continue social distancing. Be proactive. Avoid large, congested crowds, and if you can’t social distance, take extra precautions to protect yourself and those around you. … Use common sense. Practice good hygiene. If you feel comfortable wearing face covering, wear a face covering. Be proactive and take precautions to protect yourself, your families, and your neighbors. And above all else, continue to social distance.”


Therefore, the limit of three tickets per graduate will remain in place, regardless of whether the event is held indoors or outside.  To receive the guest tickets and participate in graduation, all graduates must attend practice at 10 a.m. June 19, regardless of the time of their ceremony. 


“The only way we can provide three tickets for each graduate, adhere to social distancing guidelines and have an indoor ceremony option is to split the class into three separate times,” said WHS Principal Randy Luebbert. “Our hope is to have one ceremony outside, but we will be prepared in case it rains. In splitting the class, our goal was to keep students with their walking partners that they indicated on the form I sent out, so that they can be with a close friend.”


All attendees, including guests and graduates, will be expected to wear masks on their way in and out of the ceremony. Masks will be provided for the graduates.  During the ceremony, all individuals who are socially distanced from non-family members may remove their masks. Social distancing guidelines will continue to be enforced for graduates and guests; anyone attending the graduation ceremony will be expected to comply with the guidelines at all times before, during and after the ceremony.


Graduates will go to their assigned classrooms inside WHS prior to the ceremony (whether the ceremony is held inside or outside) and will march into the stadium or gym maintaining social distance between them.


No one will be admitted into the parking lot, gym or stadium without a ticket. Upon arrival, guests are to remain in their vehicles until instructed to make their way into the stadium or gym. Dots will be placed on the bleachers and chairs to indicate where guests may sit so that social distancing may be observed before, during and after the ceremony. Family members may sit together. Social distancing is between different families.


In the event of inclement weather, students must attend the graduation time slot they have been assigned to so that social distancing may be observed.


The following are the assignments by time slots, should it become necessary to move the graduation ceremony inside.


Ceremony A (only in the event of inclement weather) will begin at 2 p.m. and the following have been assigned: 

Adams, Makyah

Ahn-DiFolco, Kamalani

Allen, Tiquez

Andrews, Caleb

Andrews, Devon

Andrews, Jaylen

Angel, Montana

Angulo Jr., Robert

Ash, Joshua

Barr, Alexander

Beck, Kynnedi

Bergman, Kayla

Bibb, Benjamin

Blau, Kathryn

Boswell, Barak

Bott, Jacob

Brauer, Mckayla

Breeden, Parker

Brown, Ke'Sean

Bryan, Nahemiah

Bullard, Savannah

Burke Jr., Joshua

Burnham, Megan

Carlisle, Alyssa

Carpenter, Savannah

Chadwell, Hailey

Chapman, Jessica

Charbonier, Brooklyn

Colquitt, Brenton

Cone, Savanna

Cooper, Nicole

Cummings, Sierra

Daniels Jr, Jeremy

Davis-Williams, Ahmayah

Davis, Jaylah

DeBerry, Damien

DeHart, Saul

Derr, Jasmine - Parnter

Docherty, Colin

Duncan, Jasmine

Faga-Rivera, Ashley

Faris, Isabelle

Fisher, Aden

Free, Allie

Gallegos, Celine

Garcia, Kaleb

Gorenflo, Zachary

Green, Ta’Tiana

Hale, Courtney

Hall, Miesha

Hall, Nathanuel

Hilburgh Anna

Holt, Devin

Holt, Kerry

Kosier, Ericka

Lopez, Emma

Miller, Autumn

Montalvo, Camilla

Motherwell, Johnathan

Navarrete, Madison

Neal, Jazzmyn

Newsom, Madelyn

Nichols, Cole

Nitchman, Evan

Noah, Keaton

Noble, Carolene

O'Donnell, Gracie

Olivas, Asihuac

Orengo, Isachy

Owens, Natalie

Parker, Clay

Parker, David

Parker, Mackynzie

Pattison, Megan

Penkala, Solei'

Perrine, Paige

Pesantemercado, Alexuz

Peter, Cordelia

Ramos, Angelica

Ramsay, Kevin

Ramsay, Kohl

Reed, Jerry

Roberts, Jacqueline

Rudolph, Alexander

Ryan, Savannah

Sax, Gaven

Schooley, Katrina

Schubert, Sara-Marie

Sheldon, Jakob

Shipley-Johnson, Sophia

Short, Ashanti

Sigler, Nashanti

Sloas, Ysabela

Smith, Blaire

Smith, Davon

Sneed, Kristen

Stallings, Alaysia

Stegall, Destiny

Stukey, Allyssa

Tripp, Kaiden

Tronstad, Trevor

Ungerecht, Jakob

Vasquez, Kaylee

Walsh, Dylan

Washington, Tierra

Webb, Hailey

Williams, Ian



Ceremony B (only in the event of inclement weather) will begin at 5 p.m. and the following have been assigned: 


Baez, Arianna

Blakeslee, Zane

Cabanes, Andy

Dewey, Kyron

Duke, Zackrie

Frabel, Kaitlyn

Freeman III, Gary

Fulton, Tyler

Garcia, Zachary

Gomez, Joshua

Green, Bryan

Griffin, Dayton

Grosvenor, Darien- Partner

Gruener, Kaley

Guevara, Abigail- Partner

Gurley, Allisyn -B105 Partner

Hamilton, Matthew

Harley, Dayvon

Harrison, McKenzy

Hatfield, Dustin

Hedgepath, Archer

Hedrick, Hannah- Partner

Henry, Colton

Hilbert, Dresyn

Hill, Avant- Partner

Hoag, Chanler

Howell, Carliss - Partner

Howell, William

Huling, D’avian - Partner

Humphrey, Michael

Hylton, Karissa- Partner

James, Elisa- Partner

Johnson, Dajah- Partner

Johnson, Faith

Johnston, Nathaniel - Partner

Keck, Isaac

Kelly, Ja'kevious

King, Taylor

Kirschner, Lauren- Partner

Kitson, Hannah - Partner

Knight, Michael- Partner

LaCoe, Marcus

Ladd, Robyn- Partner

Lane Jr, Leroy- Partner

Lee, Soyeong - Partner

LeGrande, Kaitlyn- Partner

Lenhart, Lea

Malavé, Antonio

Manhalter, Makayla- Partner

Mantle, Rheygan - Partner

McCullough, Danyl - Partner

McCummings, Tyriq

McDaniel III, Aaron

McKenzie, Sarah

McQueen, Melanie- Partner

Mendonez, Danielle- Partner

Mesko, Mikayla

Miller, Seth - Partner

Mitchell, Allan

Mitchell, Clay- Partner

Mitchell, Katelyn- Partner

Morgan, Cody

Morriss, Eric- Partner

Nichols, Briana

Niess, Zoey

O'Neil, Hunter

Ohmart, Riley

Onigkeit, Caitlyn

Owen, Noela

Pack, Caroline

Perchman, Alicea

Peterson, Kai

Poinsette Jr., Kevin

Reiser, Mia

Richards, Matthew

Richards, Travan

Roark, Marion

Rodriguez, Isabela

Román, Naomi

Ronje, Jackson

Rosa, Heriberto

Rumph, Joshua

Sansone, Jacob

Scott, Cameron

Scott, Damielle

Seely, Jazzmine

Seely, Justice

Sergent, Triston

Shells, Andre

Shrum, Austin

Simmons, Anna

Simmons, Denisha

Snook, Cheyenne

Steele, Thalia

Sundell, Sarah

Swain Skelton, Quanwanis

Swanson, Isaac

Taylor, Asialena

Valentin Mercado, Angel

Warson, Kansas

Wilson, Justin

Winterstein, Alyssa



Ceremony C (only in the event of inclement weather) will begin at 8 p.m. and the following have been assigned: 


Alexander, Aaliyah

Amjed, Ahmed

Anderson, Deron

Anderson, Mekhia

Ard, Damon

Bagnall, Alexander

Bailey, Madelynn

Barnes, Josiah

Bass, Katelynn

Baxter, Chase

Beattie, Michael

Becker, Wyatt

Berentz, Kendra

Berrios, Shawn

Blair-Foreyt, Delanie

Blake, Randy

Bohannan, Christopher

Boyd, Lewis

Brown, Jayden

Brown, Kaysean

Butler-Lawson Jr, Ronshen

Cannon, Dallas

Castleberry, Kenny

Choi, Aaron

Choi, James

Clark, Justin

Cole Jr., Joseph

Cole, Tyger

Conley, Ajahli-Domonique

Cooper, Nicholas

Cotto, John

Crane, Dominik

Crawford, Jayla

Cruz, Seth

Davison, Corey

DeSotel, Collin

DeSotel, Nathan

DeWitt, Cassandra

Dorthy, Wesley

Doyal, Kylie

Durr, Tiara

Eastland, Matthew

Echelberry, Andrew

Estright III, Michael

Falge, James

Fernsler, Robert

Ferraro, Mariah

Fiame, Maurice

Glanville, Asia

Golbourne, Jahdaija

Gonzales, Elizabeth

Goodell, Oasia

Goodell, Oceana

Hendricks, Rebecca

Hooper, Kirsten

Hubbard, Trinity

Hudson, Averie

Hussey, Xavier

Jackson, Shayleen

Jaundoo, Samaria

Johnson Jr., Jeremiah

Johnson, Devin

Kaack, Ashton

Keno, De'kerria

Keyes, Janie

King, Jacqueline

Latham, Justice Daniel

Levengood, Cheyenne

Logan, Samantha

Maricle, Stefanie

Mayers, Kiana

Mayse, Kori-Ann

Mitchell, Dakota

Mitchell, Ruth

Moose, Brianna

Munday, Breona

Parker, Katelyne

Perkins, Austin

Polidori, Alyssa

Sanchez, Nataly

Scheuner, Joshua

Shradnick, Jordan

Shupe, Ryan

Smith, Austin

Smith, Jayden

Spencer, Kaitlyn

Stanley, Joshua

Stump, Johnathan

Summe, Elijah

Taylor, Justin

Taylor, Nathaniel

Tenoria, Ann tacy

Tharp, Heather

Thomas, Jocelyn

Timko, Micah

Valley, Dakota

Vela, Tristan

Vergara, SchayV

Vernor, Jalaine

Wallace, Madison

Warren, Alyssia

Whiting, Bradley

Williams, Elisabeth

Williams, Jasmine

Willingham, Charles

Willis, Samantha

Woodruff, Jonathan

Wright, Riley

Yockel, Ryan

Zabek, Nathan


June 17, 2020