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Kindergarten enrollment to be held May 12, 13 and 14Kindergarten enrollment will be held May 12, 13 and 14 for Waynesville R-VI students Kindergarten enrollment will be held online on May 12, 13 and 14 with parents using an online Google form. Please not

Kindergarten enrollment will be held May 12, 13 and 14 for Waynesville R-VI students

Kindergarten enrollment will be held online on May 12, 13 and 14 with parents using an online Google form. Please note that each elementary school has its own form. The link to the Google docs for kindergarten registration are listed after step 6 in the Steps for Registration. 

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible to attend kindergarten, a student must be age 5 before Aug. 1, 2020.  According to Missouri law, a child is eligible for admission to kindergarten if the child reaches the age of 5 prior Aug. 1, 2020, or if the child is a military dependent who has successfully completed a state-accredited pre-kindergarten program or has attended a state-accredited kindergarten program in another state. Please note there are no exceptions made to this state law.

Registration process

Parents will need to know which school their child will attend, which is based on where they live.  The district has five elementary schools  –  East, Freedom, Partridge, Thayer and Wood. The streets they serve are listed on the 2020-21 Enrollment Information Form. When you click on this link, locate your street first and then identify your child’s school assignment. You will need to remember the name of your child’s school so that you can complete the correct Google form.

Required documents

In addition to knowing which school their child will attend, parents will need the following items:

* Please scan the item or take a photo of each completed document so that you will be prepared to upload the documents at the end of the Google form before you click submit. The discipline, transportation and FERPA/Directory Information forms have links above. Print the forms, fill them out and sign them. You will upload these documents at the end of the Google form.  

Proof of Residence

Any ONE of the following documents in the parent/guardian’s name meets the state’s proof of residence requirements:

  • property tax statement
  • utility bill/agreement (must be dated within the last 60 days). Utilities include water, electric, trash, gas and home phone/internet. Cell phone agreements may not be used to meet this criteria.
  • real estate contract
  • rental agreement/receipt
  • military housing contract

If you have questions about these documents, please contact 573-842-2092.

Steps for registration

Once you have acquired and completed your required documents, please take the following steps on May 12, 13 or 14:

    Step 1:  Determine if your child is eligible to enter kindergarten. (See Eligibility requirements.)

    Step 2:  Determine the school your child will attend. (See Registration process.)

    Step 3:  Scan or take a photo of the required documents. (See Required documents.)

    Step 4:  Go to the link for the school that your kindergartner will attend (the links are listed below step 6). 

    Step 5:  Complete the sections in the Google doc and then upload the 6 required documents (birth certificate, shot record, proof of residence, discipline form, transportation form and FERPA/Directory Information Form)

    Step. 6:  Click submit 

The schools and the links to their kindergarten enrollment/registration Google docs are as follows: 

What if I am unable to do this at home?

Parents who are unable to complete the Google form online at home will need to set up an appointment with the school where their child will attend. Please remember to bring the birth certificate, shot record and proof of residence required documents to the appointment. Click here for phone numbers. We will begin scheduling appointments for May 12, 13 and 14 on Monday, May 11. Appointments will be scheduled with time for cleaning in between so that we can adhere to social distancing guidelines.

What if I need help or have questions?

If you need help or have questions along the way, please call 573-842-2092 or 573-842-2038 or email your child's school: 


May 8, 2020