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High five camera captures students having fun with each other

While waiting for other students to arrive and be seated for an assembly, students who entered first became bored and began to fidget. To make the time more enjoyable, Carey Davison, the physical educaiton teacher at Wood, came up with the idea of the High Five Wood Cam. Modeled after the “Kiss Cam” at professional sporting events, the High Five Wood Cam pans the audience and when spotted on the screen, the students give each other a high five. 

Jason Helton, technology integration specialist, developed the border for Davison’s iPad.  

“As the students come into the gym, I live stream them through  my iPad to my desktop computer then to the projector onto the big screen and they love to see themselves up there,” Davison said.  “I get two students to give each other high fives and when I pan the audience they wave and shout. We also have music playing and the students are now more interested in seeing themselves on the big screen to pass the time. It is so fun to see the student’s face light up when they see themselves and a few get shy, but overall it is exciting."

 Next month, it will change to the Fist Bump Wood Cam.


March 11, 2020

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