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Thayer Elementary hosts Career Fair

Thayer Elementary hosted its 2020 Career Fair for grades 3-5 on the afternoon of March 4. Karen Crawford, counselor at Thayer, teaches her students the six major career paths and so Mrs. Bladdick, an intern, and Crawford invited speakers to represent each path.  

The presenters were: Helping Path: Missouri State Highway Patrol Lt. Robert May; Nature Path: Matthew Peters, Wildlife Biologist from the Missouri Department of Conservation; Fixing and Building Path: Paul Schultz and Bryan Bushley, Laclede Electric Cooperative Linemen; Business Path:  LTC Mary Smith, Command Inspector General for Fort Leonard Wood; Health Path: ER Nurse RN Michelle Nichols and Paramedic Missy Goforth; and Creative Path: Sara Vaughn, Cookbook Author.

Students spent 20 minutes listening to each speaker and asking questions and then rotated to the next speaker.  

“The speakers did a great job and we are very thankful that they gave their time and expertise to our students at Thayer,” Crawford said.

March 11, 2020



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