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Grades 6-12 to participate in drills

Grades 6-12 to participate in drills


Waynesville R-VI students in grades 6-12 will conduct either a fire drill or intruder drill during transitional times during the first two weeks of November.  The exact time or the day of the drill will not be announced in order to test preparedness and response times.

“Our goal is to heighten student and staff awareness and readiness,” said Michele Sumter, director of student services. “We always want to keep our students safe and it is important to practice during times when students are not in their classrooms.”

The drill is estimated to last approximately 10 minutes. Parents of students in grades 6-12 who need to check out their children during these two weeks, should allow an extra 10 minutes for check out in case their arrival coincides with the drill. During the drill, students will be unable to check out and parents will be asked to wait outside the building. 

“The wait may be an inconvenience, but the safety of our students is our priority,” Sumter said.


Issued Nov. 1st, 2019