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9 apps parents should know about

The attached image includes a list of the Nine Apps parents should know about.
The following APPS* are among those that are designed to help monitor a child’s technology usage (*charges may apply for their services):
Track calls and texts, control apps and games, location tracking with panic button, block websites, view social network activity, balance screen time, works with Android and IOS
My Mobile Watchdog
Track text messages and calls, track location, view call history, manage contacts, add or block apps, block websites, time blocks, usage reports, works with Android and IOS
Track messages, block specific websites or apps (can block websites by category), set time limits and block a phone number, lock device during certain times of the day or restrict calls, call child to check-in from wherever they are and see their location, can login from any location / web browser, Works with Android phones only
9 Apps
Issued Oct. 24th, 2019