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Foundation announces grant recipients

Foundation announces grant recipients


Since its founding, the Waynesville R-VI Foundation has given more than $80,000 in grants and scholarships and the Foundation has raised in excess of a quarter of a million dollars.

During Convocation on Tuesday, Aug. 7, Foundation President Jann Dye awarded 14 new grants for the 2019-20 year as follows:

At Williams Early Childhood Center: 
- Manuela Phinn in the amount of $90 for a Microscope Science Kit; 
- Allison Sylvester in the amount of $100 for activities for your peer mentors to use during enrichment activities 
- Angela Smith in the amount of $446 for balance builders to improve gross motor skills

At East Elementary: 
- Barbara Neal in the amount of $500 for Saturday Science labs and experiments 
- Teresa Vogtman in the amount of $239 for Magic Sketch Boogie Boards to assist in writing letters, words, sentences and math fluency

At Freedom Elementary: 
- Kimberly Fuentes in the amount of $275 for the Breakout problem-solving bundle 
- Corey Straub in the amount of $468 for invention kits to promote coding

At Waynesville Middle School: 
- Sarah Seibert in the amount of $300 for 7th grade teachers to promote the engineering design process 
- Wannetta Moyers in the amount of $50 for the “I Survived” series

At Waynesville High School:
- Steve Ward in the amount of $250 to promote students learning at their own pace 
- Kymberly Rodriguez in the amount of $250 to reward students for positive behavior

The following grants will also be awarded: 
- Shauna Darley and Simona Moffett in the amount of $150 for purchase of a play and costume materials at Thayer Elementary
- Amy Heberling in the amount of $500 to be used toward a rock wall project at Partridge Elementary 
- Dawn Christian in the amount of $54 for helping students learn to play cooperatively at Wood Elementary

In addition, the Foundation plans to award additional grants in January 2020.


 grant recipients



Pictured are current and previous winners of Waynesville R-VI Foundation grants and Foundation President Jann Dye.


Aug 14th, 2019