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Waynesville buses expected to run late first few days of school

Waynesville buses expected to run late first few days of school


Waynesville R-VI School buses are conducting periodic test runs and will conduct a full-scale test run on Tuesday, Aug. 13, to prepare for school starting on Wednesday, Aug. 14.  


Despite these test runs, buses will run late during the first few days of school – especially the buses that transport elementary students in the afternoon. 


“During those first few days, we double check to make sure every elementary child is on the correct bus and that takes time,” says Dr. Chris Berger, assistant superintendent of operational services. “Our priority is safety and that means making sure our youngest students are on the correct buses.”


Parents who will be waiting at the bus stop are encouraged to be patient as students may be dropped off as late as 5:30 p.m. Typically, bus routes begin to run on time after the first full week of school.


A member of the transportation staff will remain at the office until all of the students on regular bus routes have been dropped off. The district typically issues updates regarding buses on the Waynesville R-VI School District’s Facebook page during the first few days of school. The district’s transportation number is 573-842-2199.


The district also asks the public to slow down and watch for children, especially during the first few days of school.


“Drivers need to be aware that school is starting on Wednesday, Aug. 14, and children will be excited and may accidentally dart into traffic,” Berger says. “We can’t emphasize enough the importance of slowing down throughout the community.”


Karl Wilking, director of transportation, further encourages individuals to allow ample time for buses to pick up children, especially in the morning.


“We encourage everyone to leave early for work so they are not in a rush,” Wilking said. “Leaving 10 minutes early prevents stress when you are behind a bus and there is no safe way to pass.  Bus stops take time and the safety of our students is our priority.”


Issued August 8, 2019