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Wood students skate through PE class

Wood students skate through PE class
Once again, Wood Elementary students were roller skating during their physical education class this spring.
When students come into the class, they set their goal for the day. They pick from the lowest level goal to the highest level; skating on the mats, skating with help, skating along the walls, skating alone and skating backwards. The goal data sheets are used to show how the students move over to the right, where the higher level goals are, as their skills improve each day. The overall goal is to get all students to be able to skate alone or skate backwards.
The student like that their coach, Coach Carey Davison, gets out and skates with them.
“They get excited when I skate backwards and some will even want to skate with my help, even if they don’t need it, just so they can skate with me,” Davison said.
The students who have attended Wood Elementary the past few years look forward to the skating unit.
“The phrase I hear the most from the students this time of the year is, ‘Hey Coach I am doing it, I am skating,’” said Davison. The skills that the students learn in their physical education class will be lifetime skills.
During the kindergarten and first grade classes, some of the students from the fourth and fifth grade classes will even come in and help those that may need individual help.
“The main reason that I love to teach this unit on roller skating is when I have gone roller skating, I see those kids just leaning on the wall or just standing there because they don’t know how to roller skate. Most kids at some time get invited to a birthday party at the skating rink and they just get to watch others have a good time, but I get to help teach them to relax and learn the skills in a progression, so that they can do it and enjoy the parties,” Davison said.
Even after the skates have been returned, the students ask if they can still skate.
"Issued May 1, 2019"
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