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Cordova enlists in Navy, to receive $36,000 bonus

Cordova enlists in Navy, to receive $36,000 bonus


Maximus Cordova, a senior at Waynesville High School, has enlisted in the Navy and will receive a $36,000 bonus upon completion of boot camp. Petty Officer Daniels presented the check to Cordova during his AP calculus class on Feb. 19. 

Cordova is receiving the bonus because he scored the second highest ASVAB score in the state and will attend the Navy’s Nuclear Power School for four years. The national average score on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is 36; Cordova scored a 93. 

Two years after completing nuclear school, Cordova will be eligible for up to a $120,000 bonus upon re-enlistment in the Navy. 

Cordova named Dawn Vidt, his AP chemistry teacher, and Renita DeMalade, his AP calculus teacher, as his two most influential teachers in preparing him for this program. They will receive plaques later this school year. 

“The ASVAB was mostly about the topics of chemistry and mathematics and these are my two favorite teachers,” Cordova said. 

According to the Naval Seas System Command website, “The naval nuclear program is widely acknowledged as having the most demanding academic program in the U.S. military. Academics proceed at a rapid pace with high academic standards enforced in all subjects.”

“I believe that Waynesville High School has prepared me well,” Cordova said. “I think the teachers are great and they have allowed me to succeed in a wonderful environment at this school.”

His brother Michael Cordova also is in the Navy. 


"Issued February 22, 2019"