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115 hats donated to students

115 hats donated to students 

When doctors recommended that Jennifer Welch keep her fingers moving on a regular basis, she turned to crocheting – something she learned as a youngster from her grandmother.

“Crocheting is good therapy for my hands,” said Welch, who has multiple sclerosis.

After making multiple hats and scarves for family members and an occasional afghan along the way, she began making them for friends of her two high school daughters. Despite the many items she crafted, a stockpile of yarn remained.

Welch’s husband encouraged her to continue to do something with the “tons” of remaining skeins of yarn, so her mother suggested she make hats for students in the Waynesville R-VI School District.

During recovery from recent foot surgery, she devoted every spare minute to making kid-friendly hats for students and in January, she delivered 115 of them to the district. She plans to continue to make more.

“I hope that the hats make kids feel warm,” said Welch. “They are light weight enough that students will be able to wear them in the spring and fall, but warm enough for winter as well.”    

“The hats are for when a need arises,” Welch said.  That need could include a student forgetting a hat on a cold day, a student who doesn’t already own one, a student heading on a field trip and the weather is cooler than expected, etc.  Once students receive a hat, they will get to keep it.

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