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WCC students host portfolio showing

More than 150 guests attended the fifth annual portfolio showing of students in Donna Groves’ advertising design and advertising photography classes at the Waynesville Career Center on Dec. 17, 2018.

Thirty-two students and their families attended the formal showing where industry leaders, school teachers and other inspiring mentors showed up to support the students.

For their eight-week project, students chose the topic “trash in our oceans,” developing an advertising campaign and infomercial to showcase during the evening. Students created websites and nine designs and informed their guests of what they had learned during their research about the trash problems and each created a design to highlight the growing problem. The students sold more than $1,300 in event tickets for the formal meal. Proceeds will be donated to a non-profit ocean clean-up organization.

Awards were given out to the students that evening. Two major advertising design awards were presented with AD design student Brianna Foreman, a Plato senior, receiving the most outstanding portfolio award and Heather Mote, an Iberia junior, receiving the best junior portfolio award. Both students created works that demonstrated skills beyond the average talent of a high school student. Judy Fortner, the director of marketing and sales at Fort Wood Hotels by Ehrhardt Properties, judged the portfolios and offered an internship for the second semester.

In photography, 1st Place went to Brianna Foreman, a Plato senior; 2nd place went to Kristen Sneed, a Waynesville High School junior; and 3rd Place went to Ashley Schultz, a WHS senior.

Henry O. Wade, a professional photographer, helped judge the photography prints and offered to work with the students during the second semester in the classroom.

Judges provided feedback for improvements and encouragement toward a future in the advertising design and photography fields.

“Showing your portfolio is a practice that is done at the Post-Secondary level as well as in industry to acquire new employment,” Grove said.

In addition to family members, Dixon Principal Travis Bohrer attended the event, as well as Dr. Traci Pattison and John Smith from the WCC.  Smith’s daughter is in both the design and photography program.

Breanna Wilkenson, a Crocker student, and Andrew Everling, a WHS student, helped make sure the event ran smoothly.

Students who were involved in portfolio night included: Alexander Barr, Neida Berrios, Seth Cruz, Jeremy Daniels, Andrea Diaferio, Tyriq Mccummings, Blaire Smith, Kristen Sneed, Jessica Collado, Andrew Everling, Abigail Foster, Ahbreonna White, Araselys Harris, Paige Perrine, Ashley Schultz, Jocelyn Thomas, Kimberly Willingham, Shelby Adami, Hayden Brown, Asia Davenport, Savannah Downard, Lucas Fiegenbaum, Brianna Foreman, Zoie Helton, Katelyn Homer, Jordon Luttrell, Heather Mote, David Pesantemercado, Hailey Shurtleff and Breanna Wilkinson.

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"Issued January 11, 2019"