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MAP test results sent home with individual students

MAP test results sent home with individual students


Individual Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) results were sent home to parents on Monday, Dec. 17. The state issued the results, based on tests taken in spring 2018.


In addition to their child’s individual results, a letter was sent home noting that the spring 2018 assessments were new and this year’s results are not comparable with results from previous tests.


“To put it in simple terms, you cannot make an ‘apples to apples’ comparison with previous tests,” said Dr. Brian Henry, superintendent. “Data from this first year will be used to establish a baseline that will be used for future comparisons.”


Due to changes in legislation and learning standards, Missouri has experienced four new tests in five years. Moving forward, year-over-year comparisons will be possible, and trends can be established.


Missouri teachers and other stakeholders developed the Missouri Learning Standards that were adopted in spring 2016. The new standards set a higher bar, which is reflected in more challenging, teacher-developed state assessments. In the long term, achievement is expected to increase.


State assessments are an end-of-year measure of overall student performance across a district and are intended to evaluate the effectiveness of education programs, measure progress toward improvement goals, and, most importantly, to determine learning progress and achievement.


While state assessments are not designed to guide classroom instruction during the school year, they can contribute meaningful information as part of a coherent system of assessments, including interim assessments administered by the school district.


The state will release the district’s overall Annual Performance Report score in February 2018.  


"Issued December 21, 2018"