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WSGC hosts Leader in Me professional learning

WSGC hosts Leader in Me professional learning

Waynesville Sixth Grade Center and Partridge Elementary recently enjoyed Leader in Me professional learning presented by Reneé Slack. This was not only for teachers, but also for all staff who joined in as a community to learn more about Seven Habits by Steven Covey. 

The two schools met two full days at WSGC, once in August before students started classes and again for the November in-service. 

Participants received a set of practical materials to help implement the Seven Habits, which included a signature edition handbook, contract booklet, skill cards and more. The workshop day was full of interactive multimedia and collaborative components that made learning fun. Teachers reflected on their own efficacy in and out of the classroom and set manageable goals in areas that they want to strengthen. 

Teachers reflected on the Seven Habits and created their own personal mission statements; having a mission statement is a collective commitment for the WSGC staff. Many of these mission statements were made into framed prints using online graphic design software and are now hanging outside classroom doors. These are great reminders to our community on how dedicated our teachers are to our students. 

 WSGC Principal Jamie Goforth and Partridge Principal Melissa Vernon will co-present a workshop on Leader in Me on Jan. 2 during the teacher in-service day. 

"Issued December 19, 2018"

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