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Miss Missouri encourages East Elementary students to leave a positive digital footprint

Miss Missouri encourages East Elementary students to leave a positive digital footprint

Miss Missouri 2018, Katelyn Lewis, spoke with East Elementary students on Friday, Nov. 30, during their grade level PBS assemblies. Lewis shared her platform of the importance of leaving a positive digital footprint and the impact social media posts can have on their future.  Students in 2nd through 5th grade made a pledge to THINK before posting on any social media sites.  Lewis explained that THINK represents five questions a person should ask before making a post:  Is your post truthful, helpful, inspiring, necessary and kind? Students then signed a pledge to THINK. 

Lewis also shared a character education lesson with kindergarten and first grade students.  Students listened to a story and gave examples of everyday acts of kindness.

"Issued December 4, 2018"


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