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Families participate in STEM night at 6th Grade Center

Families participate in STEM night at 6th Grade Center

Parents and families flocked to Waynesville Sixth Grade Center recently to celebrate STEM Night on Thursday, Nov. 1. More than 90 students and their families participated in activities promoting science, technology, engineering and math. Feedback from parents and students was extremely positive.

Students planned and manned all the events for a truly student-led evening of fun and learning. They developed several stations with hands-on experiments and challenges, such as catapult launch, straw rockets, slime creation, boat building, coding and much more. Students received stamps in their passports for each completed activity. Students with all eight stamps participated in a prize drawing. 

A huge thank you goes to Krista Madden, Pepper Shepherd, and the LEAD Family Matters student team for organizing this fun event. Also, big thanks to our LEAD Coaches Angela Houf, Karla Lindemann and Shannon Shrum and all the dedicated educators who stayed to help. 


"Issued November 19, 2018"

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