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Bus drivers, aides participate in bus safety

Bus drivers, aides participate in bus safety

As part of Bus Safety Week, Waynesville R-VI bus drivers and bus aides conducted evacuation drills and trained with police, firefighters, sheriff deputies and ambulance personnel to better prepare for an emergency. 

The safety class included bus procedures, what to expect when emergency personnel arrive and what specific information emergency personnel need when they arrive on the scene. 

“This is training that we hope we never have to use, but we want to be prepared just in case we do,” said Karl Wilking, director of transportation. 

Evacuation drills are conducted twice a year for elementary bus riders. Prior to departure on a field trip, drivers locate emergency exits and remind students about bus safety.

Bus Safety Week was Oct. 22-26 and the training was held at East Elementary. Drivers and aides also handed out bus safety bookmarks and coloring books. 


"Issued November 19, 2018"


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