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Yearbook Delivery

Waynesville High School yearbooks for the 2019-2020 school year will be delivered during August (we hope).


The 2020 delivery date may be delayed because of Covid-19.  The school closure postponed the prom and graduation dates, and so that those items can be in the yearbook, the staff is delaying sending in the book.  Which means the return of the book in the fall may also be delayed. 


If a student is moving, the student can notify Steve Ward, the yearbook advisor, of the change of address and the book will be mailed to the new address when it arrives.  Ward’s e-mail is


The publisher and shipping dates determine the exact August delivery date. When the books arrive, messages are sent out through school social media outlets so that the students know the time and place to pick up the book.


“More than 20 years ago, we allowed the student body – through our DECA class – to vote on when they wanted the book to be delivered,” said Ward. “The students voted for a fall deliver so that the entire academic year could be in one book; otherwise, we would have to stop production in February and anything that would happen after Valentine’s Day could not be in the book.”


Distributing the books in the fall instead of the spring increased sale by nearly 350%.


“When I arrived in 1990,” said Ward, “we sold only 150 spring delivery books.  When we made the change to fall delivery, book sales were over 400.”


A downside to a fall delivery is that students don’t have the opportunity to sign each other’s books and in addition, people who are new to the area do not always know about the fall delivery date.


“As to the issue of signing books, the seniors used to buy senior memory books to sign, but they no longer do so,” said Ward.  “To try and reignite the signing process, we gave away end-of-the-year autograph supplements to students who purchased yearbooks about three years ago and then tried to sell the remaining supplements to other students, but they didn’t sell. Collecting autographs seems to have gone out of style with the rise of social media.”


To help parents become more aware of the fall delivery date, Ward announces the delivery date to the seniors and their parents. He also will request the publisher to place that information on forms and emails that they send to parents in the future.