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  • Admission Criteria
    •  All applicants must meet the basic requirement for admission into the Waynesville School of Practical Nursing.
    • Must have a high school diploma or GED/HiSet.
    • Be 18 years of age.
    • Earn a 58.7% or higher on the TEAS entrance examination. TEAS exam may be taken from any location.  Please send results to 400 G.W. Lane, Waynesville, MO 65583.
    • Be of good moral character as verified by written personal references.
    • Have a sincere interest in nursing as a career.
    • Complete an essay questionnaire with application.
    • Must have a criminal background check.
    • Be accepted by a committee of professional convened for the purpose of selecting up to 37 students for the school year.
    • Be physically, mentally, and medically able with or without reasonable accommodation to successfully perform the essential functions necessary in the role of the student nurse.
    • Accepted applicant must make tuition payments as required.
    • If you know that you will be moving to the area, please start the application process as soon as possible. We can accept applications through the mail.