Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's of Science in Physical Education and Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science

Mr. Jesse Hulett

Hey guys!
You can call me Coach :). I have been a PE Teacher here at East Elementary since 2013 as well as a middle school and high school wrestling coach. Also known as, "rasslin'." Our class consists of getting away from taggers, jumping over, through, and around things, running in an a variety of patterns with uncontrolable laughter, throwing and catching anything that won't hurt us, kicking objects that go really far, having mass amounts of fun, and much more. More importantly, we learn how to work with others, treat others, strategize, learn the importance of good habits and manners, figure out how and why we apply activity to daily life, express ourselves, use our imagination, and instill values. We prioritize the imporantance of how to treat people as much as we like to have fun in East Elementary PE. 2020-21 is going to be a little different, but that doesn't change the values and overall goals of the East Elementary Tiger PE Program. Thanks for visiting, see you next time! 
A little about me: I love all types of food, except water chestnuts. I am a father to two beautfil kids: Abram who is quite the little crazy person since 2014, and Lanie who is hilariously a bull in a china shop since 2017. I married my amazing wife in 2016. You might have heard of her, she's kind of a big deal. She is a first grade teacher at freedom and she's been molding young minds since 2014. She goes by the exotic name of Natosha... Hulett, of course. I am an aspiring carpenter/woodworker in my free time as well. My favorite things are: the Royals, Chiefs, tools (like saws, hand planes, other man stuff), food (except water chestnuts, don't forget), coffee times infinity, Stranger Things, The Office, Guardians of the Galaxy, and other bingeworthy cinematic breakthroughs, Fitness (well, not really, but it is essential unfortunately) - Rogue Fitness to be percise, books (Robert Greene, Jocko WIllink & Leif Babbin, David Goggins, Grant Cardone, Simon Sinek, Darran Olein and tons more), traveling, hiking, camping, and all kinds of other cool stuff. Pizza, Chinese, and Burritoes are my top three favorite foods.
"Tell me, and I'll froget. Show me, and I may remember. INVOLVE me, and I LEARN." - Benjamin Franklin