• August 14, 2019


    Dear Families,


    Welcome to preschool!  If you are experiencing preschool for the first time or you are returning, this is an exciting time of year!


    My name is Molinda Mitchell and I am the principal at Williams Early Childhood Center.  I have been in education since 1997. Seventeen of my years in education have been spent in preschool and early childhood special education. I received my bachelor’s degree in elementary education with an emphasis in early childhood education from Missouri State University.  I received my master’s degree, specialist’s degree, and doctorate degree in educational leadership from William Woods University. 


    I love each and every day I get to spend with your children!  My philosophy is to provide a high -quality educational experience in an environment that is stimulating for each child’s developmental level.  We have a structured, fast-paced, fun-filled education center where your child will be challenged and rewarded each and every day!


    Joining me this year will be 50 very talented professionals.  We have five PACE (Parent and Child Education) classrooms and eight ECSE (Early Childhood Special Education) classrooms.  We have a dedicated staff who will focus on the safety and educational success of your child.


    A handbook is provided that provides detailed information about each of our programs.  If you have questions following your review of the handbook, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  It is important to remember that our teachers are focused on your child’s education. If you call during the school day, your call will be returned during the noon planning period or after school as soon as the teacher is able. 


    The morning session begins promptly at 8:15 and ends at 11:15. The afternoon session begins promptly at 12:15 and ends at 3:15.  Our teachers have the students engaged in “morning work” as soon as they enter the classroom. We utilize each and every minute of the three hours that the students are here.  If is extremely important that your child is at school ON TIME every day. Every minute they are tardy counts against their attendance. 


    IMPORTANT REMINDER:  If your child is in the morning class session, each WEDNESDAY morning is late start.  Classes begin at 9:00 on late start Wednesday. 


    It is very important that your child is also picked up promptly.  Teachers only have a certain amount of time for lunch and planning in between classes and many have committee meetings after school that they are required to attend on a regular basis.  Continued LATE PICK-UPS may result in DISMISSAL from the program. If you need to pick up your child earlier than the normal pick-up time, you will need to do so through the office.


    Attendance is very important for your child’s learning.  There is an attendance policy in place for this school year. You will find the detailed policy included in this packet.  Please read over the information and become familiar with it. We want to ensure that every child has the opportunity for high-quality education!


    Parents should park in the large East parking lot. The narrow lot facing the street is reserved for staff and busses.  


    We have an exciting opportunity in our building!  My dog, Chatson, is a certified therapy dog. He has been working in a preschool for nearly six years. Chatson received his therapy dog training from the Springfield Dog Training Club and his certification from Pet Therapy of the Ozarks.  In addition to going to school, he also visits the residents at Northridge Assisted Living Place in Lebanon, MO. Chatson is a big, yellow Labrador retriever. He will be eight years old in November and he loves to go to work! Chatson’s job at school is to provide comfort to students.  He also works as a motivator for students who need an extra boost in academics or social/emotional skills. When you enter the building, if Chatson is around, give him a pat! That’s his job! If you have any questions regarding his visits, don’t hesitate to call me. 


    We are looking forward to working with your family this year!  The custodians and teachers have worked hard this summer to prepare for the upcoming school year.  We are certain that you and your child will enjoy the educational experience received at Williams Early Childhood Center!



    Dr. Molinda Mitchell Ed.D

    Williams Early Childhood Center Principal