Excel as a student-centered community of learners that embrace diversity and collaboration. 


    Preparing Students to Lead and Succeed


    W- Willing and positive collaboration among peers
    M- Meaningful relatonships with students
    D- Data used to drive learning
    S- Students inspired to lead 

    Building School Improvement Plan (BSIP) 2018-2019

    Building Smart Goals:

    1. 80% of WMDS students will score proficient or advanced on common assessments.
    2. 70% of WMDS students will perform on grade level in reading and math as measured by STAR.


    1. College and Career Readiness

    -Enroll 30% of students in advanced courses

    -Conduct a career fair

    -Conduct mock interviews

    1. Standards/Assessment/Instruction

                -Implement enrichment/intervention activities for each unit in core areas

                -Apply one relevant activity in each unit

                -Complete one Prealgebra/Algebra loop and review data

                -Write weekly using Step Up to Writing and a common district rubric

    1. Instructional Strategies

                -Use small group instruction often to ensure proficiency

                -Use flipped classrooms in math as a supplement

                -Implement one technology tool weekly

                -Conduct one interdisciplinary PBL per quarter

    1. Student Sub-groups

                -Conduct action research on SPED, Black, and EL students

                -Develop a SPED action plan to address the achievement gaps

    1. Professional Development

    -Offer ideas at quarterly faculty meetings on our Building's Instructional Focus: Small Group Instruction and Flexible Grouping

                -Continue Trauma Sensitive training for staff at faculty meetings quarterly

                -Offer Step-up-to-Writing training at the beginning and middle of the year PD events

                -Conduct Peer Observations based on student success through data evidence

    1. Professional Learning Community

    -Facilitate a Steering Committee that will function as a school-wide PLC/Data Team to conduct action research in various areas of need

                -Model strong PLC’s through video representation

                -Use the PLC form to ensure meeting compliance and data analysis

    1. Diverse Learning Environment

                -Develop and show diversity videos weekly through TNN and TT

                -Hold a World Cultures event during first semester

                -Hold a Diversity Fair in second semester

    -Implement Interact Club/JS2S as a diversity/community outreach group that will plan and facilitate the diversity schoolwide events

    1. Attendance
      -Identify students from the 85th-90th percentile every Monday morning to reward for weekly attendance

    -6-week attendance rewards

    -Team attendance wars with reward           

    **9.   SPED:  Two SPED teachers will co-teach in Social Studies and Science and paras will take students to                       the open learning areas to ensure that reteaching and accommodations are met.