•  Who is my counselor?

    Freshmen: Theresa McNutt
    Special Services: Mike Armstrong
    Grades 10 - 12
    Last name begins with A-F: Megan Pimentel
    Last name begins with G-O: Cherie Gaono
    Last name begins with P-Z: Kayla Maassen

    How to contact your counselor

    Students can come to the counseling office before classes begin, between classes, at lunch, or after school has been dismissed to see if their counselor is available to meet with them. The Counseling Office will not issue passes to class for students requesting appointments. If the counselor is not available, sign-up sheets are available in the Counseling Office for students to request an appointment to see their counselor. Students may also scan available QR codes to request an appointment online. Counselors will contact students at the earliest time possible, which may be during class time. Students may also ask permission to go to the Counseling Office during class time and, if the teacher determines the student has a valid reason, that teacher should issue a pass for the student, even though an appointment has not been scheduled. Counselors may have to request students from classes as well.

     Click here to find your counselor's QR code.

Resources to help talk with your student about COVID-19