Ms. Dawn M. Vidt

Phone: 573 842 2400 x3124


Degrees and Certifications:

Tipton High School, Tipton Indiana, 1992 BS Biology,  University of Evansville, 1996 Secondary Science Education Certification, IUPUI, 1999 Driver Education and Traffic Safety Certification,  Indiana State University, 1999 MS Educational Leadership and Administration, Purdue University, 2004 Chemistry Eduction Certification, Oregon State University, 2014 MS Chemistry - Specialization Chemistry Education, South Dakota State University, 2018

Ms. Dawn M. Vidt

Instructor for: Chemistry I, Pre-AP Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Science Nine

Science Olympiad Coach

I offer academic assistance on:
Monday through Friday after school from 2:35 pm to 3:30 pm in room 213 ( Math/Science Computer Lab)

 I grew up in rural Indiana, in a county known for farming. In the summer the landscape was a ocean of green as far as the eye could see, corn and soybeans. In the winter it was like a desert. Flat, desolate, lifeless, gray, and covered with a thin crust of snow. No trees to block the wind. As a high schooler (yes...ALL of your teachers were once high school kids not much unlike yourself). I played softball, raised sheep for 4-H, stacked bales of hay/straw, and de-tasseled seed corn for extra spending money. If you are unfamiliar with de-tasseling seed corn, ask me sometime. My mother was a teacher in the elementary school in town. This fact was an annoyance to myself and my younger brother. This was the main reason I went to University of Evansville.... it was four hours from home... so my parents could not just show up. In college, I played division one softball, placed nationally in competive power lifting, and was a teaching assistant in the science department.

I really enjoy the hills and forests here in south central Missouri. The beautiful scenery and the excellent fishing reinforce that we (my husband and I) made a good choice in moving here. Sorry to say I am still a Colts fan, but we have adopted the St. Louis Cardinals as our baseball team. We also back the Boilermakers at our home, as we are graduate school alums of Purdue University. Our two children keep us hopping with thier activites in the evenings and the weekends. I am sure you will hear stories about Abby and Daniel's adventures and mis-adventures as the school year proceeds.

This summer was a very busy one. We started with a family vacation to Universal Studios.  The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was the highlight of the trip. I attended two weeks of graduate level chemistry laboratory and research courses at South Dakota State University in June. Living in the dorm on campus felt different at 40-something in comparission to my early 20's.  I attended curriculum writing for the school district in July. I attended trainning through the National Math Science Initiative in Houston for one week in August.

I feel refreshed and ready for a fantastic and challenging year of chemistry!