•  If you have any questions, please email me at aheberling@waynesville.k12.mo.us  

    Please keep a fitness journal/log and date it and write the activity completed. The following can be printed and filled out, or you can create your own fitness journal. 

    If you have multiple students at Partridge, you may keep one journal, but please make sure you note all of your students and their classroom teacher's name. 

     Fitness Journal

    Beginning the week of March 30, the following schedule is the District-designed specials schedule for PE.  As long as students can get outside, I would prefer they complete their activity outside...get some fresh air!  If you need to change your PE day, no big deal!  The activity for the week should be completed by and noted in your fitness journal by 9:00 AM on the following Monday. 

    Monday:  4th grade, Tuesday: 5th grade, Wednesday: Kindergarten, 1st grade, Thursday:  2nd grade, Friday: 3rd grade


    April 6-10

    1.  Read through the key points and complete the BINGO challenge through the week.  Try to complete as many boxes as you can. 

          Fitness BINGO


    2.  Try the activity for your grade level (K-2, if you want to try the 3-5 plank challenge, go for it!)

           K-2:  Kidz Bopp Cupid Shuffle Dance

          3-5:  Cha Cha Slide Plank Challenge


    March 30-April 3


    K-2:  Watch the K-2 video below for instruction on animal walks.  Pause the video as needed.  Perform each animal walk doing a lap around your house.  

             If you are stuck inside, do each walk for 1 minute!

             Video link:   Animal walks  


    3-5:  This week is a 2-part assignment.  First, please watch my video.  You will find two challenges in it.

            1.  I would like to introduce you to a little kickboxing/body combat. I am NOT a LesMills instructor, but LesMills is a group offering their classes for free

                 online (tell your parents to check it out!!).  The link I have provided is to a short workout video that introduces a few basic kickboxing/combat moves.

                 If you need more PE this week, you can also do the K-2 lesson or search google for more kids kickboxing exercise videos!

            2.  Do a plank challenge (make sure you watch my video all the way through).  On the day you watch it, time yourself for how long you can plank.  Practice

                 it through the week and then at the end of the week, do it again!  Compare your scores!

                 Combat/Plank challenge

                Avengers Born to Move Video

    Parents:  Here is the LesMills link to view if you are interested in trying out any of their fitness classes: LesMills


    March 24-27

    March 26 Video for Kids


    SuperHero Crossfit


    MARCH 19-23:

    Complete the activites with the letters to spell your teacher's name!

     ABC Fitness


    March 16-19

     Choice Warm-Ups/Activities