Parents who are bringing students to school or picking students up after school are asked to park on the side street across from the flag pole.  The driveway close to the school is ONE-WAY traffic only, with two lanes.  The right lane is for handicapped and short-term (dropping off or picking up students during the day or meetings during the day.) The left lane is for thru traffic, you will NOT be allowed to sit and wait for students in the left lane.  You may also park on the side of the building.  Parking in the rear will be permitted when volunteering and for any school functions.



    Students should be dropped off at the rear of the school.  After the first few weeks of school we ask parents to allow students to walk down the hallways by themselves.  Morning seatwork begins at 8:00 on MTTF and 8:45 on W, which should be completed independently by the students.  The TAPS (Total, Absolute, Positive, Silence) ANNOUNCEMENT is the time we let parents know we will see them at the end of the day! 



    Parents will NOT be allowed to pick students up from classrooms at the end of the day.  The front doors (the side with the ramp) will be open at 3:20 to allow parents to retrieve their student(s).  The designated parent pickup area will be in the cafeteria.  Due to the safety and security of all Wood Students, we ask that parents and guests DO NOT stand in the hallways NOR in front of the cafeteria door (blocking walk way of teachers and students to enter).  



    If it is necessary for a child to leave school early, the parent or guardian needs to make arrangements through the school office for the child’s release.


    Students will ONLY be released from the office to a parent or a person designated (in writing) by the parent. If the adult is unknown to office staff, identification must be presented.


    To ensure student safety and clear communication, send a note with your child if there is a change in transportation on a given day. Students will follow their normal dismissal procedure unless a note is received!


    For the safety and protection of all students, the following rules have been established:


    1.  Before a student is permitted to leave the school grounds during the day, the child must secure permission from the office.


    2.  If the child has a note from home, the teacher will keep the note.


    3.  Parents are asked to meet the child in the office at the time of release to check him/her out.


    4.  Under no circumstances are students to be excused directly from their rooms to go home.


    5.  Students who are off the school grounds without permission will be subject to discipline, which may include suspension.