• FAQs
    How can I pay for my kids lunch?
    You can pay cash or check by sending it with your student in an envelope with their full name and teacher's name. Also, you can pay online by credit card through your PowerSchool Account.

    Do I need to provide doctor notes every time my child is out absent?
    Yes. If your child stays home sick, and you take them to the doctor, always give us a copy of the doctor's note for attendance. If you do not take them to the doctor, please either provide a note upon the student's return or a phone call from you on the day of absence.

    Do I need to show my ID every time I pick up my child?
    For the security of your child and others, we will require a form of ID when you pick up your child.

    Can I change my child's transportation over the phone?
    We prefer that you either send a note for teacher and office, or come in person to do that. As a last minute emergency, we do allow parents to call before 3:00 P.M. to change transportation.