• Standards-Based Grading

    Pre-k to Sixth-Grade


    What is a standards-based report card?

    A standards-based report card provides detailed information about a child’s learning and progress toward mastering a specific skill or concept.


    Components of a standards-based system

    Four parts make up a standards-based grading system:  content standards, curriculum and instruction, assessments, and the report card.


    Content Standards

    Content Standards are what a student should know and be able to do at a given grade level.


    Curriculum and Instruction

    Curriculum and instruction are the roadmap for teachers to ensure that students are learning the skills for their grade level.



    Assessments measure learning and the extent to which a student has met the grade level content standards


    Report Cards

    The standards-based report card shows a student’s progress toward meeting content standards (specific skills) up to that point in the school year.