•                                              PICK-UP AND DROP-OFF


    This is an area of great concern. It is a time of high risk for student safety. The front of the school becomes very congested as students enter or exit the building. Students exiting the building pay little attention to traffic because they know none should be in the driveway entrance. When a vehicle not following procedures enters this area of congestion it causes immediate confusion. Additionally, several other vehicles will then follow that vehicle if not approached and corrected.


    Parents should park across the street and walk over to wait in the grassed area, and not crowd the front door or rear door area. Please do not stop in the street and load your student into your car.  This allows teachers to make eye contact to safely release their students to the appropriate guardian. We have students who are not allowed contact with certain parents by court order. Standing close to the front doors or engaging teachers in conversations during release times hinders teachers from insuring a student is not picked-up by someone other than the proper parent. Students except for Eagle Point walkers and Kindergarten/1st grade pickups, will be dismissed through the front door. Again, parents are not allowed to drive in the back parking lot during pickup times.


    We are always watching to see which student walks with whom or who picked up which student. Every week we get a call (which we don’t mind) asking if they saw a child leaving because they haven’t come home yet. Our goal is to ensure safety of your child, we really appreciate your support, and working together ensures safety for all students.



    Mornings: You can drive through the loop at the front door. It needs to be a continuous flow of traffic so that all students can get in quickly and safely and get to their destination. Please watch for the crossing guards we have in place and heed to their instructions. If your child needs a little more love in the mornings, assistance getting themselves out of the vehicle or getting their things ready, please park in a parking spot across the street and help your child there. We have a crossing guard in place at the crosswalk to help ensure your child crosses safely. Front door loop is just for quick drop off only.


    Afternoons: The loop is closed for traffic and parking after 3pm as it becomes a bus pick up zone. Please park in the designated spots across the street.