• Activity for Monday, May 4- May 20

    Activity: Read through the presentation titled "The Four Uses of Fair Use". Watch any videos from the presentation as well. Once you are finished, take the "Fair Use Quiz". Once submitted, I will then give you feedback. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me!


    Activity for Monday, April 6- May 1

    Activity: Kitchen Ostinato- For this assignment, you will be creating your own composition using instruments made/found at home. Please read through the Kitchen Ostinato page thoroughly. The second page, Rhythm Reminder, has the rhythmic values you can use for your composition. The final page, Composition Worksheet, shows how I would like your composition to be laid out. If you are able, this page can be printed or you can redraw it on a sheet of paper at home.  All of the pages can be found on my Google Classroom and posted under "Kitchen Ostinato."

    Once you have completed your compostition, take a picture of it and submit using the "Kitchen Ostinato- Turn In" assignment posted in Google Classroom, https://classroom.google.com/.


    Activity for Monday, March 17- April 3

    Activty One: Go to my Google Classroom and click on the link for "Sell a Song". Follow the directions posted on Google Classroom.  Remember that your song MUST be school appropriate, not just a CLEAN version.  Please fill out the quiz by Thursday the 19th in Google Classroom.

    Activity Two: Begin researching your artist and putting your advertisement together.  Use the Sell a Song sheet for requirements.  Your advertisement can be completed on a poster, Google Slide, or video format.  If it's a slide, share it with Miss Porter. If you make a poster (take a picture) or video, email it to Miss Porter.

    Both activities are due by Friday, April 3rd.