• Hey, all!

    Letters of the week (Vv & Cc)



    Number of the week (11)


    Colors of the week (purple & pink)



    Shape of the week (heart)



    Learning Targets

    Use the corresponding worksheet that was sent home to aid in learning, along with the technology link. Pair the hard copy and video to help your child practice the learning targets.

    The name writing work sheet has a variety of writing utensils. We are learning about the POST OFFICE this week, and it's important to discuss the different ways you can color a picture/write a letter/make a card or valentine with markers, pencils, crayons, etc. Practice name writing with these different items, and send me a picture! If your child is tracing, use a yellow highlighter to write their name first, and then have your child use the specific writing utensil to trace their name on the worksheet.

    Post Office

    The heart worksheet is for your child to create a valentine to put inside/under the envelope. Ask who they would like to give their heart to (see the heart video above for an enhancer), and help them address the letter. Talk about the different parts of the letter, and tell them why each area is important.

    Worksheets for Virtual Learning