• WMDS Parent Information 2023-2024

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    Parent/Guardian Contact Information

    For your child’s safety, it is imperative that we have your correct contact information on file. Please notify the guidance office in person with any changes that might occur to your student’s home address and or parents’ phone number.


    Your child will go home the way you have decided on the first day of school. All transportation changes must be requested in person by noon by the primary parent or guardian in our guidance office. For your child’s safety, students will not be permitted to go home with friends from school.  The school is only responsible for returning children to their own homes.


    Students will not be permitted in the building until 7:00 a.m. daily.  Upon arrival, all students will report to their first hour classrooms. Students who have band or PE first hour will report to the cafeteria. Free breakfast is available as students enter the building.  First hour begins at 7:30 on M, T, Th, F.  School will dismiss at 2:35.  Buses will depart at 2:40.

    Late Start Wednesday

    On Wednesdays, our daily schedule is pushed back 30 minutes to accommodate teacher meetings.  On Wednesdays, students will be permitted in the building at 7:30, will be admitted to their first hour classroom at 7:40, and class will begin at 8:00.


    Parents must bring in any medication, whether it is over-the-counter or a prescription.  Students may NOT carry medication, except inhalers and EpiPens when authorized in writing from a physician and parent. Medication must be in the original container with the student’s name, doctor’s name, name of medication, dosage, time and route of administration.  Students who carry over-the-counter or prescription medicine will be disciplined per district policy.


    WIN is an after school program that offers academic assistance and recreation. WIN runs from 2:40-5:00. Transportation is provided and departs from the school at 5:15pm daily. Applications are available in the main office.  Please call 573-842-2250 with questions about fees.

    Grading Policies and Procedures

    Student grades are always accessible through the use of the district’s Tyler Student Information System. Progress reports will be sent home every six weeks.  Report cards will be distributed two times throughout the school year, at the end of each semester.  Weights for semester grades are as follows:

    • 7th and 8th grade: 50% assessment (i.e. tests, projects, presentations, etc.), 50% practice (i.e. homework, quizzes, classwork, etc.)  
    • Algebra 1 (high school level course): 70% assessment, 20% practice, 10% EOC.
    • Foreign Language classes (high school level courses): 70% assessment, 30% practice


    Students will have homework every day as a way to reinforce skills learned in school. All students are required to read for 30 minutes each evening. They will also have math work to practice. Always check with your child to ensure that homework is completed. Your diligence will be beneficial to your student in the long run.

    Make-up/Late Work

    Per school policy, it is the student’s responsibility to request and make arrangements to complete any make-up work.  Students will be given two days to make up work for each day of absence.  Absenteeism does not remove responsibility for getting long-term assignments submitted on time.  Teachers reserve the individual right to accept late work until the end of each unit test.

    Summer School

    Summer School is mandatory for any student whose yearly/final class average is 59% or lower in any core class, (ie: English, Math, Science, Social Studies).  Notification will go home in January and April for students whose grades may cause mandatory summer school.

    Classroom Questions/Concerns

    Always contact the teacher prior to contacting an administrator. Most concerns are handled faster if you contact the teacher first via email or by phone. Use Tyler or Canvas to send an electronic message to the teacher when necessary.

    Parent Weekly Email

    Each grade level team will contact parents via email on Monday mornings to highlight important assignments and announcements for the week.

    Academic Help

    Academic Assistance, or AA, is an academic intervention that provides at least one hour of remedial services per week per course after the school day.   Teams will provide their students with an Academic Assistance schedule within the first week of the school year.  If your child needs to stay after for AA, make sure they contact the teacher to be added to the after school roster. Saturday Saver is an academic intervention, held every other Saturday, to help make up assignments, science labs, or computer-based work. Please call the office to be added to the Saturday Saver list as needed.

    Dress Code

    The complete list of dress code guidelines can be found in the student handbook.  Principals will have the final say in determining whether a student’s clothing is appropriate for, and/or disruptive to the school environment.  Students who are in violation of the dress code will remain in the office until the violation is corrected.  Specific dress code violations needing immediate attention are:  sleeveless shirts, hats or bandanas, sagging pants, see-through clothing, dresses or skirts above the knee, and jeans with holes.  Leggings must be worn under jeans with holes.  Long blouses must be worn over leggings to cover the bottom.

    Positive Behavior Support-Tiger Traits

    WMDS has implemented a Positive Behavior Support program to promote a positive learning environment. Incentives include invitations to reward days and field trips. Our Tiger Traits (school expectations) include: be respectful, be responsible, be a learner.

    Lunch Balances

    Please keep lunch balances current.  Once a student’s balance exceeds $10.00 an alternate lunch will be given.


    It is our hope that students always behave appropriately to optimize their learning experience. If students need to report an issue, they should tell the closest adult or file an incident report in the office. Student expectations and disciplinary consequences remain in accordance with the Waynesville Middle School Student Code of Conduct.  The Code of Conduct will be used as the primary reference by administration in determining appropriate expectations and consequences for student behavior.  

    Please note: Students who are issued Detention or Saturday School will be expected to attend on the date(s) assigned.  If there is a conflict with the date(s) assigned for Saturday School, parents must let a principal know one day in advance. Notification of an absence following the Detention or Saturday School will not be accepted and the student will be assigned discipline for ”failure to attend”.   Consequences for ”failure to attend” are: 

    • Failure to attend first Detention results in a Saturday School
    • Failure to attend first Saturday School results in ISS

    Other possible infractions to note:

    • Fighting- first offense, 5 days OSS
    • Bullying – first offense, ISS or OSS 1-180 days
    • Insubordination- first offense, 1-5 detentions
    • Possession of Drugs – First offense, 10 days OSS
    • Scuffling- first offense, 3 days ISS
    • Horseplay- first offense, 1-3 detentions
    • Tardies- 4=warning, 5=DT, 6=2 DT, 7= SS, 8= 2 SS, 9 and subsequent= 3 days ISS.

    *Please note that 3 tardies are permitted without consequence.

    *Subsequent offenses can be found in our handbook.


    WMDS offers a wide variety of athletic opportunities including: football, volleyball, cross country, boys and girls basketball, boys and girls wrestling, and boys and girls track. Students must have a current physical and commitment form on file to be eligible for participation.

    Students must be passing all classes during the six-week grading period to participate in sports. Any 8th grader that fails a class in second semester will not be eligible to play fall sports at the high school.

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