• Light Duty Diesel Technology is designed with the increased popularity and growing demand of the light-duty diesel market. Improvements in diesel technologies and emissions have created a large skills gap in today's automotive and light-duty truck market.

    This two-year course is designed to give students the opportunity to identify, maintenance and service components found on light-duty diesel vehicles and equipment under one and a half-ton classification. Students will learn the basic theory and operations, controls, regulations and fuels that make today's diesel engine a large part of our transportation technology. Also, provide the basic hands-on skills needed for an entry-level technician in an auto/light-duty diesel repair facility, and to help prepare the student for taking the ASE (A-9) Light Duty Diesel certification test.

    Topics of instruction include tools and equipment, shop safety and operations, electrical systems, engine repair related to the light-duty diesel vehicle, diesel engine performance diagnostics with a focus on Powerstroke, Cummins, and Duramax Technologies, emission systems, transmission, brakes, and Steering and suspension service.