Art Rotation

    UPDATE  Month of the Military Child Art Contest - take a picture of your poster, email it to slamme@waynesville.k12.mo.us no later than 8 AM Tuesday, APRIL 7. PLEASE indicate child's name -  first and last, and grade level. 


    Dear Parents,

    I have assembled white drawing paper packets for grades K-4 that were placed with your child’s books, workbooks, and packets that were to be picked up at school. Fifth grade students received their art journals created earlier this year. Please use only one sheet of this paper for each art assignment. 

    Some assignments may call for supplies that you do not have at home. Please do not worry about this. Your child may use whatever supplies you have on hand!

    As your child completes an art assignment, please encourage them to use their imagination. Unless we are working on a specific skill, I do not do directed, step-by-step art making. I feel it is important for your child to express their own ideas. I want them to feel confident in their making. Though the process of learning a new skill can sometimes be challenging, art making should not be stressful! 

    Unless otherwise stated, all student art work should be saved and will be submitted to me at some point in time. I will notify you of that process at a later point

    Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time slamme@waynesville.k12.mo.us


    ATTENTION Fifth Grade students, you have recieved an invitation to join my Google Art Classroom. Please do so before Monday, March 23. Your next assignment will be posted there. If you have any problems joining the class please email me!

    Distance Learning Assignments

    Students in all grades have been invited to join a Google Art classroom for their class. All assignments will be posted there from this point on.  If you have problems joining the Google Classroom please email me slamme@waynesville.k2.mo.us and I will send you the class code.

                                                       Join a class    

    Monday, April 14 - NO SCHOOL                                                                                                          


     Monday, April 6    Kindergarten

                                  First Grade

    Tuesday, April 7   Second Grade     

    Wednesday, April 8   Third Grade Please join the Art Google Classroom for your class. All assignments will be posted there from this point on.

    Thursday, April 9      Fourth Grade Please join the Art Google Classroom for your class. All assignments will be posted there from this point on. 

    Friday, April 10         Fifth Grade - NO SCHOOL 


    Monday, March 30 Kindergarten

                                    First Grade

    Tuesday, March 31 Second Grade

    Wednesday, April 1 Third Grade

    Thursday, April 2 Fourth Grade

    Friday, April 3 Fifth Grade


    Monday, March 23 - Friday March 27

    Kindergarten    Not a Stick

    First Grade 

    Second Grade

    Third Grade

    Fourth Grade

    Fifth Grade All 5th Grade responses for this assignment DUE by 8 PM Thursday, April 3

    Please remember to put your name on your slide!

    Tuesday, March 17 - Friday March 20, 2020